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About Us

Peter and Colleen Jay have been involved with animal welfare for over 30 years.
In England in the 80’s it was exotics.
In Ireland in the 90’s it was donkeys, Clydesdale horses and capuchin monkeys.
Since the turn of the millennium in Spain it has been dogs.
There is a real problem in Spain with dogs being abandoned, no legislation preventing puppies being sold on street markets and as with most Mediterranean countries the heat brings disease, especially to the very young and old.

At Paradise Kennels we are merely ‘doing our bit’. 

We have a very successful re-homing programme for both pups and adult dogs. This probably stems from the facility to view dogs any time of the week following prior contact, something other organisations seldom offer.

Add to this our state of the art kennel blocks specifically designed for the purpose of segregation prior to assessment of newly arrived abandoned dogs.

Below are some newspaper articles which show our work in press.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

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